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Voluntary (Amateur) Sports Clubs

Basic site visits include feasibility studies looking at the following:
•  Present ground conditions
•  PQS assessments
•  Soil analysis
•  Site surveys.

Consultancy advice on maintenance of sports facilities including:
•  Time & method studies
•  Analysis of maintenance programmes
•  Production of a 12-month annual maintenance programme
•  Identification of weeds, pests, diseases, disorders and grasses
•  PQS and how to use the data readings
•  Recommendations and outline specifications
•  Staff recruitment
•  Management of  facilities
•  Production of tender documents and review
•  Production of specifications
•  Project management including monitoring and supervision.

Advice on health and safety
•  Health and safety policies and procedures
•  Risk assessments
•  Advice on current legislation
•  Safe systems of work

Advice on the use, maintenance, buying of machinery/tool/equipment/resources.
•  Identification of correct procurement methods
•  Correct use and maintenance
•  Successional planning
•  Storage requirements

Training and education advice
•  Training needs analysis
•  Training plan design
•  Accredited education and training
•  Apprenticeships

  • Voluntary (Amateur) Sports Clubs
  • Voluntary (Amateur) Sports Clubs
  • Voluntary (Amateur) Sports Clubs
  • Voluntary (Amateur) Sports Clubs