2012 Fund Criteria

Eligibility Criteria

Applications are welcome from the private sector, public bodies and educational establishments with an interest in enhancing or raising standards across the sports, landscape and play sectors.

What we look for
Applications must comply with the aims of the funding programme, clearly stating the objectives of the proposal and how these will be achieved.

Applicants should set out the details of the proposal and demonstrate the benefits to the industry should the application be funded.

Wherever possible, applicants should demonstrate a commitment to the proposal by seeking partnership funding. Partnership working is encouraged so that work is not conducted in isolation and that it  links to other initiatives where appropriate.
Projects should demonstrate a legacy to the industry that raises standards knowledge and awareness.

We encourage;
•  Projects that enhance knowledge and awareness of the sports turf industry
•  Projects that enhance the standards of facilities used for the provision of sport
•  Projects that increase knowledge of new and/or best practice in the management operation and maintenance of outdoor sports and recreational venues
•  Projects that take account of the impact upon the environment as related to sporting and recreational venues.

  • 2012 Fund Criteria
  • 2012 Fund Criteria
  • 2012 Fund Criteria
  • 2012 Fund Criteria