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The Consultancy Process

The Consultancy Process

The Institute of Groundsmanship is a solutions-driven organisation priding itself on answering all sports surface challenges, including drainage, construction and agronomy. We provide a commonsense approach to sports surface consultancy by using a simple four-phase structure, as outlined below.

All specifications are in accordance with the Institute of Groundsmanship’sPerformance Quality Standards (PQS). These standards are a requisite  benchmark for all funding applications. One of our technical consultants will discuss the proposed project and, if required, conduct an on-site meeting. Following discussions, a proposal will be submitted detailing the required service and fee structure.

Phase One: Investigation
To  investigate and understand all the issues. Communication between client and consultant is vital along with a thorough inspection of the site or surface, including laboratory tests. Once the facts are established, a feasibility study will present the findings –  identifying the problem, the solution and outline costs.

Phase Two: Solution
The solution is proposed  in the form of a design specification. To provide a basis for contractor procurement, detailed specifications and a bill of quantities are produced. Each design is tailored to suit individual clients and each fulfills PQS as required by  funding agencies and governing bodies of sport.

Phase Three: Implementation
This  is the practical execution of the project, including  contractor procurement and supervision. To realise  the potential of the solution,  contractor monitoring is crucial – including  includes quality control of materials, sequence of operations, design interpretation and project sign-off.

Phase Four: Management
The potential and sustainability of every  project is dictated  by how the surface is maintained and prepared. Phase Four  supports the client by providing all the necessary information  to optimise the playing surfaces:
•  A detailed schedule of operations
•  Working practices
•  Material specifications
•  Equipment recommendations.

  • The Consultancy Process
  • The Consultancy Process
  • The Consultancy Process
  • The Consultancy Process