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Identification Guide

Specialist turfgrass pest and disease service

As part of the Institute of Groundsmanship’s developing services for golf clubs, our Turfgrass Prottection team  can  offer  a range of services.  These can be tailored to meet your individual needs and requirements. We believe this service will improve your team’s knowledge of pests and diseases and give you the benefit of being prepared before the onset of any pest or disease problems.

We offer various different services inlcuding;

  • Soil/root zone/plant chemical analyses
    – Root zone nutrient analysis and leaf tissue analysis
    – Water quality analysis (mains / borehole / irrigation lake water and potential associated problems)
  • Soil/root zone Physical analyses
    – Particle size analysis
    – Suitability of sands for use / compatibility with existing materials
  • Analysis of toxicity in the root zone / turf
  • Identification of fungal diseases
  • Identification of plant parasitic nematodes in the root zone and roots
  • Identification of invertebrate pests
  • Identification of weed species (broadleaved weeds and weed grasses)
  • Grass identification

Identification guides
•  Pests
•  Weeds
•  Diseases

These guides have been produced to assist you in the identification of many turfgrass pests, weeds and diseases.

  • Identification Guide
  • Identification Guide
  • Identification Guide
  • Identification Guide